Here you can find out how can you Record Online Radio by Online TVx


So first of all, after turning on the program, you should press the “Radio” button, to allow the program to show only the radio channels.



Press the "Radio" button

Then we should choose radio channels by countries.


Choosing the country

And when we’ve chosen it we should look for a “Rec” symbol near the channel name, that means that we can record it.

Looking for "Rec" symbol near the channel

After we should press  play and then the “Rec” button, to start recording.


Recording the channel

And you’ll see the record mode window where you can choose to start the record at the moment you’re listening,

Choosing the Record mode

or order the schedule of recording, set the date and time, and program will automatically record the radio program you need.

Setting the date of recording

That’s all, as you see it’s quite easy with Online TVx.

Wish you good luck!;)



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