Record Online Radio

You can also record online tv channels, streaming tv, there is another very helpful topic about how to record online TV.

How to Record Online Radio?

I like music very much, and i listen to it particularly every minute. And sometimes I have a problem like I hear a song, some new song by radio, and don’t know who is the author or what’s the song name, and of course at that moment I want to record the song to share it with my friends in order to find out who is the singer, or the song name. In the city where I live, it’s impossible to get to the job without any traffic jams, so to have at least a little fan in this case you can talk by mobile with some friends or listen to a good music, of course by time you’re getting tired of the CD’s in yoyur car, or buying new alboms, and the only thing in this cases is to listen to radio. But there is a “little” problem, you’re getting nervous when you’re listening to a song which you liked and you don’t know the author or the song name.

listen online radio

Sometimes you’re getting tired and it’s becoming to listen to only your national radio channels, in this case you haven’t go any alternative, but still you should spend 2-3, sometimes even more hours in traffic jams… So this situation may be very familiar to some of you.In order to solve my problem, once I tried to buy an audio course for some foreign languages, to learn something new, while waiting… And what do you think happened?! Some of them needed a book, but still you cannot read or do exercisez during driving. And the other ones, become boring when you know all the course, but you cannot learn something new and you forget the language, ’cause you don’t talk with people speaking that language every day.

And finally, one pretty day I found a solution!!! It is the program Online TVx, I installed it by my friend recommendation, he tried also and showed me how to use it, the advantages of the program and so on, so I became rather familiar with it, after installing I was surprised when I saw how user-friendly interface it has, and the only thing I should do to make my time in traffic jams enjoyable it’s to make favorite list of channels, should mention INERNATIONAL Channels. There are channels in most of languages of the world, different interesting programs.

record online radio

Now I enjoy my freetime with my favorite music and NO any PROBLEMS!

So thanks to developers of the Online TVx, for a wonderful program, which already has mobile version, which is very helpful, already have it in my htc!))